How to Grow Orchids as Indoor Plants

Plants - 23 October 2018, By admin

You can grow orchids as indoor plants or house plants in your home. These orchids have a greater advantage; they get regular attention from you. You will notice immediately when a new growth or flower spike appears or when the surface compost has dried out. As orchids are plants which require regular care and attention, they will flourish much more as indoor plants.

So now take a look around your home and decide where you would be the most suitable position for your first indoor orchids. The ideal position for summer growing is a window that receives either morning or evening sun, but not which gets direct sun during the hottest part of the day. Blinds or net curtains would be enough to protect your indoor orchids from direct sun, if there is a chance of that.

Remember, wherever you are placing the orchids, it should be close to the window and the light.

And again indoor orchid plants should not be placed where there might be cold draught from open doorways or other source of cold air. Don’t place indoor orchid plants near appliances like fridge or television which give out heat and radiation while working. These will be quite harmful for your indoor orchids.

You sure can make them your trademark as you start growing more and more orchids indoor. Indoor orchids will definitely make your living space lively, colorful and will make you feel wonderful.

You do need to put in time, effort and persistence, then only, these wild flowers flourish in your indoors. Just make sure they have sufficient light and warmth, orchids will grow. Of that I am sure.

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