Summer Perfect Fiery Colored Flowers

Plants - 19 November 2018, By admin

Bring a part of the fiery summer atmosphere to your garden with the help of strikingly beautiful flowers in red, orange and yellow color.

Imagine relaxing on your deck chair on a beautiful, warm summer day while enjoying the most amazing view of your garden’s fiery colored flowers and plants. The passionate and energetic shades of red, orange and yellow will make your garden look warm even when the temperatures fall or during rainy summer days.

Colorful flower beds are the most fascinating part of the garden during hot summer days. If you are one of those who love summer and enjoy being outside when it’s warm and sunny then planting some fiery colored flowers in your garden is the thing for you! Luckily there are plenty of flowers and plants in red , orange and yellow shades to choose from. There are plenty of perennials like daylily (hemerocallis), helenium, monarda, kniphofia, heliopsis, gailardia etc. Red sage, tagetes and lobelia are just some of the many wonderful annuals that offer bright, warm colors. Plant some sunflowers in the back of the bed. Don’t forget to include tuberous plants that offer long-lasting flowers like canna, dahlias and crocosmia.

Unfortunately, it seems like this flame colored flowers don’t really like the shade – it seems like they don’t want to disturb the peace in the cool garden areas with their fiery temperament. The exception is astilbe, especially varieteis “Glut” and “Rotlicht” that bloom in late summer.

As an alternative you can use plants that have fiery colored leaves and last all summer long. For a bed that is in half-shade try Japanese red grass or some of the new unusual varieties of coral bells.

Planters and containers with exotic plants can bring a true summer atmosphere to your balcony or sitting area. If you want to opt for bold fiery colors then choose lantana, brugmansia, erythrina or callistemon. Want something a bit calmer – go for petunias, geraniums, nemesias…
Be unique and creative by choosing bold fiery colors for more striking garden elements such as pergolas, benches, obelisks etc. Be careful though – if the color red dominates the space your garden will look smaller.

Finally, feel free to experiment with colors during summer because it is the perfect season to go bold and beautiful in your garden!

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