The Art of Buying Flowers

Flower Buy Online - 3 January 2019, By admin
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Buying flowers may not really be as simple as it sounds and the worst part is that many find this out the hard way. When rushing against time, getting the perfect selection, especially of fresh flowers can seem like a daunting task. But keeping a few points in mind could at least ease the pressure.

First, think about your reason for buying the flowers. Do you want to apologize, to propose, to demonstrate your unfailing love to your better half or is it just a kind gesture? This will go a long way in helping you decide what kind of flowers could be ideal for the purpose you have in mind.

Bright flowers do well in cheering up someone feeling low. You should also think about the individual for whom you are buying the flowers, what are they like? If you do not know maybe the colors that they like, could you think about the colors of clothes they wear? What image comes to mind when you think of them? The colors you associate them with could make a good choice of color for the flowers you select for them.

Additionally, think about their personality: are they lively, vibrant or cool, reserved persons? Various types of flowers seem to suit diverse personalities – you could try do some research on that.

You could also think about flowers that elicit pleasant memories or that create a link between you and your recipient somehow and be sure to attach a note pointing that out just in case they fail to see the connection. Think about the different fragrances of flowers also and pick out the ones you tend to associate with them. If you do not know this person much, if possible you could elicit the help of their friend or relative who could give you a clue about what they would appreciate.

Next, where to get the flowers; florist shops offer the widest range of flowers to choose from and at times additional services like properly packaging them and making a custom bouquet to convey exactly what you would like to say. Plus when you buy from them then you get fresh flowers, which is not very likely when you have them shipped and you get a chance to tell the florist not to include greeneries which just act as fillers.

Just in case you cannot make it to the florist’s, then you need to beat a deadline or have the flowers in time for a special occasion, you need to place your order early which will give your bunch a higher priority in case it needs a custom touch and a higher chance of getting it on time; some last minute requests are even rejected when they cannot be met in good time.

Finally, you may want to add a little personal touch, say by attaching a nice message, preferably in your own words – the idea is to say something sincere so avoid quotes; and there you have it

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