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Why Roses Are Not the Only Wedding Anniversary Flowers

After 10 years of anniversaries, the usual heart-shaped box of chocolates has become, well, expected. While, the default red roses are becoming more than a little predictable. So, how can you surprise, delight and amaze your wife on her 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th or 15th wedding anniversary? Well, funnily enough, by invoking an old custom. One of giving a different flower on each anniversary.

Yes, sadly chaps, if you have been giving red roses diligently and dutifully on every anniversary thus far, you have been doing it all wrong. Not to worry, 10 years or more of mistakes will soon be forgotten once you are steered onto the right track. That is the purpose of this article! So, read on to learn what flower you should give on your next anniversary year and learn a little of the reasons and mythology behind giving that flower.

Morning Glory – flower for the 11th wedding anniversary

After the 10th year milestone, the flower for the 11th year has a special message for all married couples – take each day, one at a time. That’s right. Morning Glory, the flower for the 11th anniversary year, is not only one of the loveliest flowers it also has one of the shortest life-spans. These pretty flowers, in white, red, blue, purple and yellow, have been aptly named as the Morning Glory blooms in the morning, soaks in the sunshine and dies by the afternoon. In Chinese folklore, the flower has a special significance. The flower is symbolic of a single day each year in which the star-crossed Chinese lovers, Chien Niu and Chih Neu, are allowed to meet.

Peony – flower for the 12th wedding anniversary

Peony is a symbol of good fortune and a happy marriage. The Greeks named the flower after Paeon, the physician of the Olympian gods. Available in vivid shades of red to white or yellow, a peony in full bloom is the ultimate signature of romance and prosperity.

The flower was held in high esteem by Chinese royalty due to its close resemblance to the shimmering moon, itself a highly revered celestial body in Chinese mythology. Chinese folklore believed that the flower was created by the moon goddess herself to reflect her iridescent glimmer during the night. In Japan, peony symbolises ‘hands full of cash’.

Hollyhock – flower for the 13th wedding anniversary

The hollyhock symbolises fertility and abundance. Extremely in demand as ornamental garden plants, hollyhocks come in various colours – vivid mauve, pink or yellow and make for a gorgeous eclectic bouquet. Hollyhocks derive their name from an old English saying which means ‘Holy Flower’ and have even been discovered in Stone Age burial sites.

These flowers also flowered during ancient Roman times and were commonly used as ornamental add-ons to Roman gardens. Records show that the ancient Greeks used the Althaea species of hollyhock as sacrificial offerings to Apollo during their harvest celebrations.

Dahlia – flower for the 14th wedding anniversary

Among the most spectacular of garden flowers, dahlia symbolises dignity and elegance – much like a marriage that has remained weathered all the storms with dignity and strength for 14 years. Empress Josephine cultivated dahlias in her garden Malmaison – the first place outside their native Mexico. Dahlias captured the imagination of the French to such an extent that a full bloom dahlia could be exchanged for a diamond!

Named after the 18th century Swedish botanist Anders Dahl, this striking flower is available in different shapes, sizes and colours. Did you know that the ancient Aztecs used the flower to treat epilepsy?

Rose – flower for the 15th wedding anniversary

Few flowers have captured the collective imagination of the world down the centuries as the rose. Considered the classical flower of romance, rose is one of the earliest flowers known to mankind. It is a symbol of love, hope and passion and the flower of lovers. According to Roman mythology, rose was the favorite flower of the goddess of love and romance, Venus. For Greeks, the rose was the flower of their goddess of love, Aphrodite. Roses come in varying colors, each of which has its own symbolism. A yellow rose denotes friendship and joy; white denotes purity and reverence; orange stands for enthusiasm and desire; red symbolises passion and love. No guesses for which color rose your wife deserves!

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