Tips on Buying Fresh Flowers

Flower Buy Online - 18 June 2019, By admin

Different people buy flowers for different reasons. Some buy them as gifts, others for house or office decorations while others buy them for special occasions. Irrespective of the reason, it is important to get quality fresh flowers. There are many types being sold in supermarkets and florist shops. Some are a bit pricey than others. Some people squander their money when they buy some. Buying it is often a simple and adventurous process and the following tips can be of assistance:

Avoid Buying Outside Flowers

Always buy flowers which are inside the shop. They are usually taken care of the environment is very cool making them long lasting and fresh.

Examine The Stem Ends

The stem ends speaks a lot when it comes to determining its freshness. Fresh flowers tend to have white or green freshly cut stem ends. These stem ends are examined by turning the bunch of flowers upside down. If the stem ends are dark in color, split and/or curling, then this bunch of flowers are old and one should avoid buying them.

Examine The Water

All natural flowers that are being sold are usually contained in water. Flowers stored in dirty water do not get the proper minerals and salts which boosts their longevity and freshness. Similarly, preserving them in dirty containers reduces their lives. Always check the water for cleanliness and clarity. If both the water and containers are not clean, then do not buy the bunch of flowers. There are cases where some flowers need to be preserved in “dirty” and muddy water. A good example of these flowers is the tulips.

Critically Examine The Leaves And Flowers

This is one of the most important things to consider before buying flowers. Cut flowers often exhibit leaf death symptoms before the actual flower wilts. Before buying the flowers, check its leaves for leaf death signs and symptoms like yellowing and blotching. If these signs are present then do not buy them. This tip comes in handy when buying water lilies. Check for dried leaves when you are buying roses.

Last but not least take a look at the buds and the flowers themselves. Depending on the flower you are buying there are different ways the flower buds open. Properly cared flower buds like those of roses and lilies tend to open well when preserved in vases. Therefore, select the bunch of flowers having the fewest number of open flowers. In other cases, some flowers need to be bought when they are fully opened for example the gerbera. Consulting the florists and reading flower selection guidebooks can assist you in knowing which flowers are bought when fully opened or not.

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