A Mulberry Paper Flower Wedding

Wedding Flowers - 25 June 2019, By admin

Whether you enjoy a church filled with beautiful flowers or you are getting married soon this article will look at some ideas to make crepe paper flowers to decorate your church.

A church is already such a beautiful, peaceful place by adding flowers to the atmosphere you are just enhancing the beauty and peace that is already there. Many churches will have flowers on special holidays such as Christmas and Easter but there is no reason why they cannot have flowers all the time. If you are getting married soon in your church you will most likely want flowers for the special day as well. So now let us look at making paper flowers to decorate your church ideas.

For Christmas time poinsettias are the number one choice for most all people including churches. You can make centerpieces for the alter or a nice swag for the doorway even a wreath will look very nice. Of course poinsettias are plentiful as a fresh or real form but making paper flower poinsettias will require less care actually no care at all is needed and they will last for several years so each Christmas these flowers can be brought out of storage and placed in the church.

Easter is another holiday that warrants flowers at the church and lilies of any kind in any color will look as nice as will tulips, narcissus and any type of spring flower you like. When making the flowers try to keep the colors close to the real color and stray away from bold colors as they will distract the congregation more than anything and may even look out of place and tacky!

If you would like to decorate your church with flowers just to add a nice touch of color and beauty, roses are always a winner! You can also make paper flowers that correspond with the seasons.

If you are getting married and need some flowers for your wedding ceremony you can choose any flower or color your heart desires. You may want flowers to place outside on the church steps (if there are any, if not you can make a few potted paper flower plants and set them near the door.)

Inside the church a nice swag above the entrance way filled with your wedding flowers will look charming and of course the pews decorated with flowers are somewhat of a tradition for most weddings. Although the most important wedding flowers for a church ceremony seem to be the alter flowers. You can have any flower or color you would like just try to keep it tasteful after all you are in a place of worship. Try not to overdo the flowers on the alter a large stand alone centerpiece on each side of the alter is nice and a few small or one large centerpiece is also nice. If you are having a unity candle lighting then perhaps a few floral rings surrounding the candles with a few small centerpieces one for each side will look very nice.

Make crepe paper flowers to decorate your church is a personal choice as to the flowers and colors you choose just be sure they are tasteful and approved of.

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