Brown Flower Arrangements For Happy and Sad Feelings

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Brown flowers are warm flowers that are associated with nature. The following article will let you know what are the meanings of the brown color, what these flowers represent and how they are used in arrangements.

Brown is considered to be an orderly color, symbolizing nature and earth. A simple color, brown offers solidity and although it is considered dull and sometimes seen as a color representing laziness, brown is “down to earth”, an organic color. A stable color, brown is the color of the tree and its roots. Brown is also known to be the color of workers’ clothes. Brown is a friendly color and a sweet one too, stimulating appetite.

Brown Flower Meaning

Brown flowers are associated with masculinitySomber and serious, the primary symbol of this flower is that of practicality and finance.

Brown Flowers in Arrangements

Usually are used in funeral arrangements, as they are a little bit dark and sad. However, they can be seen in centerpieces arrangements, on different occasions, such as business lunches and black tie events.

They may be combined with the following shades of color:

  • For Halloween arrangements, mix them with yellow and orange flowers. The warmth obtained will be really nice and set alongside carved pumpkins, they shall look great!
  • They may also be mixed with white flowers. A very elegant result, chic and tasteful, especially when it comes to brown roses!
  • If mixed with lots of greenery, brown flowers will have an earthy appeal, filled with nature and organic material. Mix brown roses with green gerberas, for instance.
  • Brown flowers may also be mixed with red flowers. These arrangements will look very passionate and fervent.
  • Avoid mixing brown with blue flowers. They are both dark colors that bring sadness and not a deep, meaningful one, but a depressing kind.
  • Purple flowers are not a very joyful choice, either, but it can be seen around. The brown flowers will fade out and leave all the attention to the purple ones.
  • Beige or cream, ivory, buttery milk flowers are an excellent choice for flower arrangements! They are unique and blissful, romantic and pleasant to see, perfect for any wedding!

Brown Flowers for Weddings

When using brown in weddings, be careful not to keep them in their simple form, always mix them with other colors. Mix them with white, pink, orange or yellow flowers. Use bright colors to loosen them up.

If you are having an autumn themed wedding, mix them with yellow or orange for corsages and boutonnieres as well for the table centerpieces.

For a delicate touch, mix these flowers with lavishing pink flowers! Or, even better go with ivory flowers, they are the most elegant and unique combination you can find!

Now if you really want to, keep your wedding arrangements simple, but add greenery to your flowers and other white or ivory decorations such as silk ribbons and pearls! For this type of bouquet, stick to brown roses, regardless of their shade of brown: chocolate, beige or café au lait.

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