Finding Your Inspiration for Wedding Boards

Wedding - 2 July 2019, By admin

Inspiration comes to people in different ways. For me I need to really immerse myself in what I’m doing and let it take a hold of me. Depending on what I’m creating depends on how I do this. For inspiration boards I tend to use a few different formats, but today I want to talk to you about the inspiration behind the board above and what I used to stir my senses and help me choose the images I wanted to use.

Today’s board is based on the film Black Swan and whenever I do a board of this type I need to have a real understanding of the movie I’m portraying. I’ve used this example many times with students at WEI, but I always remember the first time I was asked to produce a Moulin Rouge theme night. I’d never seen the film and all I knew of the Moulin Rouge was that it was a risque cabaret venue in Paris that came into being in the 1800s. It took me an entire week to really feel that I knew about the Moulin Rouge. I’d watched the film twice, listened to the soundtrack numerous times and googled everything I could find on the both the venue and the characters depicted in the film.

I don’t go into quite that much depth when creating an inspiration board for our blog, but I certainly would do it it was for a client. Having said that I did have the soundtrack of Black Swan playing the background as I created this board and I had watched the movie the previous evening so it was very much fresh in my mind.

For me I need to feel part of what I’m creating. To do this I have to really open my mind to allow me to become part of the story and to think as those characters would think. To take this very sombre and dark movie and turn it into the inspiration behind a wedding isn’t easy, so I tried to focus more on the colors than the storyline itself.

I’d love to hear about what inspires you and how you create your boards.

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