Seven Summer Fusion Wedding Ideas

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We have a treat in store for you today as we delve deeper into the world of Indian Weddings with Preeti Moberg of The Big Fat Indian Wedding. So sit back and enjoy the ride as Preeti talks fusion wedding ideas for 2014.

Planning an Indian wedding can seem daunting and it’s hard to know where to start first. But let me tell you a secret: all you need to know is the wedding comes in four parts: poojas, the sangeet and mehndi, the wedding proper, and the reception. Everything else is subject to style, culture, and preference. In many ways the culture speaks for itself, so all you have to do is add a hint of sunshine to every detail.

And what fusion trends are in the forefront this season? Below you’ll see how you can add a bit of playfulness, summer, and Desi culture to some of the finer aspects of a wedding. You’ll find that many of these tips are simply small touches that can be made here and there with relative ease.

1. Chai Iced Tea/ Chai Lemonade

Is there anything more summery than a refreshing cold drink? For the perfect way to shrug off winter, try icing your chai for a treat during cocktail hour. It’ll be a bit spicy, so make sure to dilute it with water and, if you’re feeling daring, lemonade. This is the perfect little bit of refreshing kutta-mitaa (sweet and sour).

2. Flip Flops

Desi are synonymous with dancing, and before long, your female wedding guests will be ready to turn their heels. A fun solution? Offering flip flips near the dance floor so they can thumka (dance) to their hearts’ content.

3. Sunflowers and Marigolds

Marigolds at a Desi Do are a given, but consider incorporating sunflowers, an equally friendly flower readily available at this time of year? The possibilities are endless – from bouquets and centerpieces to chair swag at the reception. Sunflowers add a gorgeous contrast while still maintaining the golden-yellow-orange palette.

4. Mango and Strawberry Burfi

Burfi, a Desi wedding staple, comes in ever color and flavor under the sun. Summer fruits, such as mangoes and strawberries, can be a welcome addition to the mix.

5. Sangeet Bonfire

The Sangeet is the best time to hang out with family before the actual wedding and a bonfire under the stars will give it a far more intimate feel than your standard lady’s night. Encourage guests to share their favorite classic Desir or campfire songs and let the kids make s’mores. If a bonfire poses a fire hazard, the consider moving the Sangeet outside and lighting up the night with homemade paper lanterns instead.

Indian weddings are all about fun, food, and happiness. As long as you have these three in the mix, planning an Indian wedding will be less intimidating than you may think. And with the above summer fusion ideas in mind, you won’t have any trouble ensuring it will be the most refreshing and memorable wedding of the season.
Preeti Moberg is a South Asian wedding aficionado. She loves all things colorful, happy, and fun. During the summertime, you can catch her blogging about weddings on The Big Fat Indian Wedding and cooling off to a mango lassi.”

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