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Wedding - 16 July 2019, By admin

It is wonderful to be able to work in a career you feel passionate about. We meet lots of people like that in the wedding industry! But when it is all said and done, most of us don’t have the luxury of just doing what we love, we also need to make money from it. It is for this reason that we talk a lot about pricing here on the Wedding & Event Institute blog and with our students via our courses. How you are going to get paid and make money, doing what you love, is a very important subject. For that reason I asked one of our Advisory Board experts, Debbie Orwat of the Planner’s Lounge, to give us her thoughts on how to price your services when you are just starting out.

When starting out as a wedding planner, it makes sense to charge for your time. A new planner doesn’t usually have the experience, or knowledge to charge a design fee, or charge a large fee that encompasses full service planning. By charging hourly (or for a block of planning hours), newer planners get a feel for how much time and effort they are putting into a wedding and learning all the tasks that it involves. Once the planner is established and has 10-20 weddings under their belt, then it makes sense to charge a set amount (either a flat fee or percentage of the overall wedding budget) because the planner understands how much work goes into the planning and has enough experience to know what type of weddings command a higher fee to plan (such as tent weddings, destination weddings or weddings with a high guest count).

What great advice Debbie. This makes absolute sense and is an approach that will give a new planner the time and ‘space’ they need to learn more about their business and the time everything takes, but it also covers them for their time as they are working on those first 10-20 weddings.

Have you found today’s tip helpful? We would love to hear your feedback and if you have had an experience of ‘pricing’ as a new wedding planner in your own business, please share your story with us.

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