A Wedding Ceremony with Modern Simplicity

Wedding - 23 July 2019, By admin

If you’re on a tight budget, you can reflect simplicity on your modern wedding ceremony. The core of the wedding decor can be in the seating area, entrance and stage. Define the color combination of the wedding party before you choose to decorate the room.

A simple and modern wedding ceremony setup can be achieved with two core colors, one being white and another being a color of your choice. Some popular choices include a combination of white and purple, white and pink, and white and red. Outdoor weddings could also use a tent or an overarch above the couple to be wed, in order to create a focal point for the ceremony and further enhance the modern simplicity of the ceremony stage. This could be decorated with flowers to create a more romantic feel, however if on a budget fake flowers can also work well here, or to take it down one notch, no flowers at all, providing a sleek clean and modern wedding ceremony look.

If you want a wedding ceremony stage with a more lavish look, use golden decor. Gold uplifts the value of an area. For example, create a ceremony color theme of white and gold and use golden sashes to accessorise the chairs, and decorate or frame the bride’s walkway with gold. Another option to save money on decorations is to hire plain chairs, the ones below have a golden tinge to them which in itself frame a wedding ceremony quite nicely and are low maintenance when it comes to setup.

As for fabrics, chiffon fabrics are good for daytime weddings, and if the wedding is celebrated at night, you can use shiny materials to create a bit of oomph. Keep it simple, keep it sleek, and this way you will be able to create a wonderful ceremony with the majority of your budget going towards your fantastic wedding reception.

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