Fashion is a Big Influence in Wedding Design

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Earlier this week we introduced you to our wonderful Advisory and Certification Board here at The Wedding and Event Institute. We really value our members, their experience and the knowledge they have, so with this in mind each month we will be asking the board an industry or business related question, so they can share some of that wisdom here on our blog. This month’s question is in keeping with our theme this month, which has been trends. We’ve had a lot of fun talking about where trends come from, their cycle and how to become trendsetters within the wedding industry. Today we hear what our team of wedding experts think of the word trend and how they use trends in their own business. Here is the question we asked them:

The word Trend is used a lot in the world of weddings and events and being known as a trendsetter in this industry is something many of our students aspire to be. Can you tell us how you use and apply trends within your business and what they mean to you?

Ceci Johnson

I must be honest when I say that I have mixed feelings about trends. On the one hand, they help define and guide our design culture as we know it and, quite frankly, are kind of fun. On the other hand, I feel that design is so personal, and it’s important to sing your own song, carve your own path, be true to yourself. When it comes to my clients, we often meet somewhere in the middle – being mindful of what’s in style but then taking it to a whole new level in a truly one-of-a-kind creation. My job as a designer is to re-imagine my client’s wishes in a innovative, fresh new way and take them on a creative journey that’s beyond their dreams. In other words, I prefer to set trends instead of deferring to them!

My advice is to not let the “F” word (fear) get in your way. Be true to yourself and your style. Don’t be afraid to be bold and really explore what’s possible even though you’ve never seen it on a blog or a magazine. If it moves you, it will move your clients. The most innovative trendsetters in the industry are the ones who aren’t afraid to put themselves out there and take risks. They clearly communicate their vision and make it happen.

Wayne Gurnick

When starting the planning process, clients are often barraged by an abundance of “noise”. This “noise” is often presented as information, “expert” opinions, imagery and most importantly, trends. The reason I call it “noise” is because clients do not know how to filter and apply this information in a way that is useful. They rely on trends to navigate through a process that may be unfamiliar and intimidating. Many hold on to the idea that because something is called a trend, it must be good and right for them. It is our job as trained professionals to guide our clients toward options and choices that are appropriate. I initially use conversations about trends to gather information about my clients’ taste and personality, in order to pin-point services and designs that are perfectly suited to them. I am more concerned about using the creative process to design weddings and events that exceed expectations rather than about being a trendsetter, and thus, trends are created. My Wedding Words of Wisdom™ … aspire to create something incredible and unique, inspired by your client and you will be known as a trendsetter.”

Sara Burnett

Trends can be seen as either good or bad (depending on what they are) within the wedding industry trends come and go, and sometimes crop back to life again. I remember when chevron was huge! With regards to my business as a publisher, one trend that is definitely ‘trending’ right now is ‘evergreen lists’ – things like “top 9 wedding dress with sleeves” or “top 10 ways to propose to your bridesmaids.” These types of posts are a great way to recycle my own content and get new eyes on features that may be months, or even years old, and draw in new brides to the wedding pros involved in them.

However, as with most trends, all things in moderation! While these can be major traffic draws, I am choosing to use them sparingly. I’d rather focus on original, quality content, and evergreen advice.

Anne Chertoff

As a freelance writer for various outlets, I’m assigned stories in a range of categories (fashion, stationery, decor) that feature the latest trends. For me, reaching out to the tastemakers, influencers and trendsetters, is all about writing a compelling story that my audiences want to read and see in order to get inspired for their wedding.
The word trend is difficult in weddings because a lot of the elements are traditional — white dress, tiered cake — but it’s the new ways vendors are recreating these classic wedding elements that make them trendy and noteworthy.

Michelle Loretta

I look to see hat’s happening in industries and events outside of our industry to determine the next ‘hot trends’. What is happening in politics? In world news? In film? In fashion? Having a strong beat on the world landscape makes you better able to ‘peer into the future’. I also use my history in the fashion industry to help my business consulting clients understand how trends move in the United States. They typically start in NY and Los Angeles in year 1, then Chicago in year 2… and then blend into the middle areas in year 3. And then each market has it’s own trends… Miami will always dress light and bright. Seattle will always be more natural and casual. Trend forecasting is fun and fascinating!

Debbie Orwat

To me, trends mean what is currently popular with weddings and events. I like to keep current on the trends so that I know what my clients are seeing when they read wedding magazines, wedding blogs and finding ideas on Pinterest. For my clients who would like a wedding design with the current trends, I can easily do this since I keep current on the styles. But there are also many clients who don’t care about the current trends. They have their style and ideas which is just fine too.

David Merrell

A trend is simply that. .. a trend. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t hip if you don’t use it, nor is it something that you should try to include in all your designs. You should always design to your client’s personality, and sometimes (actually many times) being on trend isn’t what your client is all about. So, while it is a good reference point, it is not THE THING that you should be including into your event, unless it fits. BTW. .. trends are usually dictated by “marketing machines” to sell product. So the fact that Pantone names “radiant orchid” as the new trend, is simply a way to sell paint. . .. nothing more. Trends in fashion simply come and go and are dictated by whatever designer says it’s a trend.

Aleah and Nick Valley

The term wedding trend is used so frequently when couples first come to us to start planning and designing their celebration. Some couples bring along photos of lighting, styles of centerpieces or color combinations that they like and want to mimic in some fashion. While we know trends are influenced by Pinterest, magazines and social media, we aim at tapping into our clients’ likes and dislikes to put their own fresh stamp on trends that they’ve seen. At Valley & Co. we focus on experiences and aesthetic elements that accentuate trends or can become trends themselves (like styles of dining, activities like live dinner entertainment, vibrant color combinations, playful textures, or innovative layouts) to creatively impact special moments.

Years ago we learned that many trends come and go so quickly so providing our clients with playful ideas that are unique to them but might not at current trends is important to creating a timeless wedding celebration.

Kathy DalPra

For my current business and my former bridal business, I have always viewed trends relatively. I want to be aware of the trends and conscious of how they apply to my work, but only in the context of my unique genius. In the past, whenever I let a trend consume me, I would lose myself as an artist. And, inevitably, this led to market confusion about what makes me unique. Because of this, I’ve learned to factor in only those trends that enhance and compliment the type of work I’m known for so that I stay true to my inner genius while also providing something fresh and exciting to my audience.

If you want to preserve the originality that is natural and innate to you so that the marketplace understands how working with you is different from working with others, I think its essential to be educated and current on trends, but put your unique twist to them.

Meghan Ely

Trends walk hand-in-hand with wedding PR so we’re constantly on the lookout for what’s catching couples’ eyes. Editors love showcasing fresh and inspiring content so it’s our job to make sure we’re supplying it. With real wedding submissions, we focus our efforts on selecting images that showcase what’s particularly on-trend- whether it be a particularly eye-catching linen, or swoon worthy wedding day stationery.

Also, we always advise our clients to stay current as to the latest trends within their industries. Brides love the opportunity to customize their big day and the ideal wedding professional is one who can offer the latest inspiration instead of the “same-old, same-old.

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