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How Blogging Can Help You Grow Your Wedding Business

Whether you are an aspiring, new or experienced Wedding professional with your own business, or about to launch your own business, you may have already considered the pros and cons of blogging as a way to help promote your business.  If this sounds like you then let me give you my opinion on whether you should blog or not.  You should.

Now with that said, as a blogger myself I am going to tell you; it getsa little harder from here, especially as your business grows. Blogging ‘well’ takes time and then there is the question of what to blog about and how often.  But again, you should do it, because there are so many benefits of doing so and there is a lot of help out there for you, especially when starting out and that is the real purpose of this post today, not to scare you when it comes to blogging, but to share with you some advice that I think might help.  This advice comes via one of our Advisory Board Members, Debbie of The Planners Lounge and was written by one of our UK campus Advisory Board members, Heidi of Evolve Your Wedding Business.

‘Turn your blog posts into client magnets’, has some very useful information for helping you to show off your expertise via your blog posts so you can attract those clients you need for your business.  I hope you enjoy this post and if it changes the way you feel about blogging for your business, please leave a comment and let us know.  To learn more about becoming an Accredited wedding professional, visit the Wedding and Event Institute.

Finding the Right Vendors for your Dream Team

We talk a lot about your ‘dream team’ here at the Institute.  Who is the ‘dream team’?  Really they are anyone you choose to work with within your business.  They can be your staff, but they can also be your vendors and that is what we are focussing on today, how to build a dream team of wedding & event vendors around you.

It should be easy right?  Getting out there and meeting vendors you would be happy to do business with.  Until you have to do it.  Essentially you are interviewing people and networking all at the same time and I know that can feel very intimidating, especially when you are just starting out.  But you do need to do it. Your business business depends/will depend, on it.

Our students learn how to build this team right from the start of their courses and we even given them opportunities for researching and meeting (if they choose to) vendors through their project and assignment work.  Our CEO, Kylie Carlson has also written, How to Build your Wedding Vendor Database to share her tips for building that dream team which will become so important to your business.

To learn more tips for who to build a strong team around you consider taking one of our courses.  We have great options for becoming Certified that are suitable for aspiring, new and experienced wedding professionals. To find out more, contact our Course Specialist Nicole.

Learning  from the Wedding & Event Experts

At the Wedding & Event Institute we have been incredibly lucky to be able to work with some of the industry’s top professionals, many of whom sit on our Advisory & Certification Board, like Ceci Johnson of Ceci New York.  Many have generously contributed to our courses and some have given their time to by chatting to us about their experience of working in the industry.  Whilst much of this content is reserved for our courses, you will find great interviews with experts in the ‘Business Advice‘ section of The Special Event Experts Blog and within our video library on Youtube.

If you are an aspiring, new or experienced Wedding or Event professional I encourage you to spend some time browsing through our libraries as part of your on-going professional development, because we believe that there is always something new to learn and who better to learn from, than the experts!

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