How To Handle A High Maintenance Bride

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A high maintenance bride/bridegroom can be the result of many things and needs to be handled in a sensitive manner. The first thing to do is to determine the primary source of your client’s demands. Often, a bit of education, emotional coaching or pure patience on your part will ease the process of working together and result in a happy wedding for everyone.


  • When taking on a client, it’s our job to make sure that everyone’s role is clear from the start and that the reasons why things are done, are just as clear to your bride as the end result.
  • Have the terms and contracts of your services, the venue and all vendors been clearly explained to the bride?
  • Have you discussed contingency plans and alternatives to items that may be seasonally available/unavailable or based on weather?
  • Does she need to hire you to do more? If things are moving above and beyond booked services, advise her as soon as possible (and not when it’s too late) and amend accordingly. A constant stream of communication is always the best.
  • Put things in writing! Keep your emails, make sure specific terms are clearly stated in contracts and refer back to them as necessary to offer a gentle reminder of what was discussed and booked.


  • Bridezillas are often at their worst when stressed. Finding the primary source(s) of this stress and dealing with it head-on, will often calm her down.
  • Family drama and arguments with the future groom are common during the planning process. Tell her that she is not alone. Advise her to talk about it with friends and family so it doesn’t stay bottled up inside.
  • Is she making things more work than they’re worth and over-dramatizing? Review the “to do” list and reset priorities so she can focus on what’s really important while trying to let go of what’s secondary. Bring in extra support if necessary that she feels confident to delegate tasks to.
  • Maintain a calm and professional position. While you want to bond with your clients, there is a delicate boundary that needs to be maintained between friendship and coordinator/vendor. In order for you and the bride to respect each other’s roles and not let emotion in the way, make sure to respect this.

Patience and Respect

Remember, it’s her wedding and if you have advised and planned as much as possible, just take a deep breath and let go. Some brides thrive on the dramatic; others need to learn for themselves. As a planner, there is only so much you can do without driving yourself, your team and your vendors crazy. Respect people’s time and efforts while maintaining a level-head for the sake of yourself and your client. In the end, things will come together and you’ll get through it. Luckily, most brides are one-time clients and you will not have to work with her again.

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