Decorative Flower Swans in Black and White Theme

Wedding - 7 August 2019, By admin

Black and White Theme – The black and white wedding theme will be good if you can add decorative flower swans. It is one of the elegant wedding styles that you can choose for the important occasion. Many people find that black and white theme is too plain since people do not add any other colors inside the wedding venue. If you want to break the monotony of black and white color, the decorative flowers in red, pink, or even purple are a good option. You can carry daring style by having red flowers along the altar. It can be a good focal point. The white color can be applied on the drapery and fabric. The black color is good for the color of the knick knacks.

Decorative flower swans can be placed along the way to reach the stage. It can be made like full bloom garden. You can also add an artificial lake surrounding decorative flower swans. The swan can come in white color if you want to make it dazzling around the lake of red roses. If you want to impress the guests who come on the wedding party, you can choose the swan in black color.

Don’t forget to match the black and white style in decorative flower swans for the centerpieces on the table decoration, reception, place card and wedding favors. You can have some small centerpieces in the shape of sparkling swan to make it blend with the theme. If you like with a winter wedding style, you can have an ice in the shape of swan in the middle of the room. It can be located near the liquor that you serve for the guests. If you want to give the wedding favors for the guests, you can have black and white votive candles with decorative flower swans.

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