Plan Your Bridal Shower Cakes in Style

Wedding - 15 August 2019, By admin

Plan Your Bridal Shower Cakes in Style: Planning your bridal shower can be very exciting – almost as exciting as planning the wedding itself. It’s kind of a mini rehearsal for the wedding, and you get a nice picture of how the excitement, adrenaline rush, the crowd and ambiance of the wedding can be. The foods are selected carefully keeping in mind the taste of the invitees along with yours as the host. But the real attention taker is the cake. Bridal shower cakes when presented the best way as they deserves gets the most attention and highlight in shower parties.

Why a shower cake is important: Bridal shower cakes set the mood for the bridal shower party. A shower party or engagement party is to let people know, that you have been engaged and the date of wedding has been fixed, and now you want to tell your friends and relatives, colleagues, acquaintances and the society, about the great news. On such an occasion, when you set the stage gradually for your wedding, you would love to celebrate it with the shower cake.

Bridal shower cakes create the same wedding like mood, just like the situation when the grand wedding cake approaches the wedding hall. You get the feeling in advance how excited you may be when you see the real wedding cake. Moreover you would like to express your happiness and give all your invitees a bite of the sweetness that is going to spread in your life.

Decorations on bridal shower cakes: There can be various decorations used in bridal shower cakes. Use of simple or vibrant colors to match your taste and mood is done. The cake can be a simple one tiered, or multi tiered as per your requirement and number of guests. Each tier of the cake may have different colors, or may be one colored to suit the theme.

Various decorating themes are used like floral patterns, quotes and notes, a simple and elaborate drawing of you with your partner, and many more. Decorating materials may also be attached to them some edible and some for simple highlighting.

You will get lots of themes and ideas for decoration of bridal shower cakes. Different innovative ideas, flavors, colors and themes are used for these. It’s not necessary that the cake has to be in one unit. They can be small cup cakes too, or funnily shaped cakes that can be distributed a whole to a hand.

Where to order the cake: Whatever be the shape, size or design, bridal shower cakes are special and bear the good news of the engagement. Thus the make has to be very rich and good. You can get shower cakes both from your local bakery, from a renowned brand in your city, or can order it online too. Depending on the budget of your party, you can plan it in different ways, and when you mix your emotion, love and sentiments with the cake, it becomes all the more special to deliver the special message to your guests.

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