White Swan Wedding Decor

Wedding - 18 August 2019, By admin

White Swan Wedding Decor – A white swan is an elegant animal that can be infused inside the wedding theme. Think “The Swan Princess”. It can add a touch of romance, and just creates some unique character to the wedding. You can even incorporate an artificial lake with some swan decorations to be floating alongside – which kids will love. Or even better, a real lake would be the perfect site if you have access to one. The swan wedding decor can blend in with nature.

Swan Wedding Cake

Now, decide the time of the wedding ceremony and reception. If you decide to have the reception at night, think about making the venue sparkle with twinkling light. The venue should never look too bright or dark. You can install some fairy lights along the altar. The lake with white swan wedding decor can shine with candles placed along the border of the artificial lake. You can have some lanterns in the shape of swan to give the guests a bigger hint (if they didn’t already see it) that you are doing swan themed wedding. And for a floral touch, wild flowers are great. They can create natural look alongside the swans for wedding decor.

If you want to make the lake look interesting, spread petals of roses on the lake. It will be even better if you can find a lake with a bridge. The bridge can make a great backdrop on your occasion, and also for photos. As a focal point for the reception, you could even incorporate swan decor on the tables, a swan cake topper, or for those who like to make a big statement, a giant ice swan sculpture.

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