Snowflake Wedding Centerpieces in a Winter Theme

Wedding - 19 August 2019, By admin

Snowflake wedding centerpieces can present a good winter theme. The winter weather always presents the cool and pure feeling. You can infuse the wedding reception with white color, snowflakes, candles, glitter, ice and snow. There is no need for you to have complicated decoration. You can choose a handmade decoration if you only launch a small and intimate party. But if you have a grand celebration for a wedding theme, you can ask a professional help from the wedding organizer.

The buffet table will gain the attention from the guests if you can create giant edible snowflake wedding centerpieces. You have a snowflake cupcake tree. You can pick the cupcake created from frosted white or blue to bring the winter theme together. It can be decorated with white icing and crystal sugar to bring glittering effect. One of the best snowflake wedding centerpieces that you can have for a casual wedding reception is can luminaries. The handmade centerpiece is very easy to make. You just have to collect some simple tin can luminaries. You can pick snowflake and attach it on the tin can surface. Then you can place a tea candle inside the can to create sparkling snowflake.

Snowflake wedding centerpieces do not have to look old and boring. You can bring natural and beautiful style in the winter wedding flocked bouquet. This bouquet can be inspired from the evergreen plants and flowers. You can have the evergreen branch and pine cones sprayed in white color to present the effect of snow cover. Then you can place them inside central glass or vase. The last type of snowflake centerpieces that you can choose is the gel candle decor. You use it as the focal point in the guest table. You just have to place it in the middle of a table and decorate it with glitter for shimmering snowflake wedding centerpieces.

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