Wedding Hairstyles in Classic, Casual and Traditional Styles

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Classic Wedding Hairstyles

Enjoy a classic hairstyle on your wedding day. Your hair is your crown and adds the finishing touch to your wedding appearance. There are various long, medium, and short hairstyles designs available.

An example of beautiful long wedding hair is that of Kate Middleton during her royal wedding. She sported a simple look that looked stunning. Long hair looks great with classic loose curls and a simple tiara. To add a traditional touch to your outfit, wear a full length wedding veil.

Other ideas of classic looks include the ponytail, simple updos, french twists. Even having your hair down with the addition of wavy curls looks wonderful. There’s nothing like a good blow-dry to make your hair look like a million dollars for your special day.

Bun Wedding Hairstyles in Casual and Traditional Styles

You can have a great wedding with bun wedding hairstyles. The women who have long or medium haircut can create a bun for the wedding occasion. This big day will be memorable if you can be the most beautiful bride. You can also accessorize the bun with sparkling jewels. There are many ways that you can do to add bridal look with a bun. You can have a modern, classy, traditional or even half updo bun. If your wedding occasion is celebrated in semi formal style, you can choose simple bun wedding hairstyles. It can bring a wonderful effect on the bride.

The half part is decorated with a bun, while the lower part looks gorgeous with flattering style. You can decorate it with some accessories. The women who want to look casual and romantic can decorate the bun with fresh flowers. They can be in white, pink or red roses. If you want to make simple bun wedding hairstyles glamour, you can decorate it with bridal hair clips and pins. You can go to the stores and get the hair clips and pins which can suit the wedding theme because they are available in numerous sizes, colors and shapes. You can have the big clips into the small one.

Adorn the simple bun wedding hairstyles with a small hair pins and clips for elegant look. The bun hairstyle does not have to come in high style. You can create a side bun. It enables you to create an interesting look. This style is perfect if you want to carry a spring themed wedding. You can use flowers to decorate the side bun. Tuck the flowers on the side bun for detail look. You do not need to have complicated flowers for bun hairstyle. You can pick a single bloom of flower to carry statement on the hair. If you hate with roses, you can find other flowers. You can choose orchard or cala lilies for bun wedding hairstyles.

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